Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let it Snow!!!

This past Thursday and Friday, we got the biggest snow that we have gotten in about 10 years! It was so pretty and fun. So we did what all the country folk did and loaded up the four wheeler and headed for the hills for some good old fashioned sledding! And snow ball fights! And yes, that one that is being hurled at me by my favorite bother-in-law (and yes I did spell that right!) yeah, it hit me square in the chest!

Me and Matt.
Aiden taking his first solo run. He did great!
Emma and MaKayla taking off.
The kids finally got to make snow angels! Emma has been talking about doing this for no less than 2 years. She was so excited! The kids were hoping and praying that the electricity would go out so Nana (Judy) would come over and spend the night. We didn't want their prayers to work so Matt went and picked her up anyway. We had lots of fun with Nana having a "beauty" shop (although I think we were more beautiful before our appointment!!), pillow fights and a quick "swim" in the hot tub. Later, we got to make some snow ice cream! We had to make sure to avoid "yellow snow"!
This was Emma making sure to get just the right snow.
And to back track a little, last week Emma got one of her recital outfits so here is a sneak peek at that. This is her tap outfit.
And here is Aiden "doing some science." We thought you would like that, Grandpa.

Friday, January 29, 2010

"The best thing"

My Nana went to heaven very early last Saturday morning. It was not at all expected. Even at 88, it was so hard to consider her "old". She never seemed old to me, even for a minute. She was absolutely FULL to the brim of life. However, she went to sleep and as Father John put it "woke up in the arms of Jesus". We are all so incredibly sad. I have heard lots of times this past week what a blessing that was for her to never have to be sick and never have to suffer and how that was probably "the best thing". But I am like my mom and I just wasn't done yet.

I think that "the best thing" would be if I would have gotten home tonight and gotten a call from her to make sure we got home safely in the weather or even if we would have just gotten home and had a message that said "Leigh-Leigh, it's Nana...well you're probably grocery shopping or at Emma's dance class, I just wanted to make sure you made it home safely...I never know the best time to call me". Me and mom loved it how she always tried to guess what we were doing and where we were and she always told me she never knew the best time to call me.

I think that "the best thing" would be if we were planning our tea party and making sure that we had just the right outfits and shoes and making sure that we had the perfect table cloth and little tea sets.

I think "the best thing" would be if we had another Christmas together and we could go to the mall to watch people bustle around and hopefully someone would drop their packages in front of us. That was a big joke with us. And we would have the biggest Christmas play you could imagine and would play tons of games. And of course we would get together before Christmas to make Christmas candy. I would make sure to have just the right spoon for her to mix her famous fudge. This would all be a few weeks after another one of her perfect Thanksgiving meals... with the best stuffing and gravy and the best cranberry salad that only she could make just right.

I think "the best thing" would be if she got to cruise around in her new blue Camry and go pick up Aunt Mary so they could go to Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Aldi's and Sonic. I've even run into her lately at Sam's. Technically, she ran into me. :) She was just learning how to manuever one of their electric carts. :)

I think "the best thing" would be if in a week or so I was getting one of her homemade valentine cards with a creative poem or phrase that she personally made up, written with her beautiful handwriting. It would probably have a cut out picture of her or Miss Kitty on it and stickers and she would have used lots of different colored markers.

I think that "the best thing" would be if we could take her a May Day basket on May 1 and she would chase us to give us a kiss and tell us how May Day was her favorite holiday and how she and Mary and Midge would spend weeks making their May baskets and would deliver them to their friends in a wagon.

I think "the best thing" would be if I got a Paula Deen magazine in the mail and could flip through it and then send it to her because she loved them.

I think "the best thing" would be if we could reinstitute "family soup night" because she loved for everyone to be together and to have a house full of people especially when we were playing some kind of game that she would find.

I think "the best thing" would be knowing that she was probably excited about the Super Bowl, especially since it would mean that there would probably be a party.

I think "the best thing" would be if she could make mudpies with my kids like she did with me, and if we could set up more beauty shops, and pull more taffy, and if she could come to more of the kid's lemonade stands because she was the Queen of Lemonade Stands.

I think "the best thing" would be if she could teach me to make prune cake since it is Mom's favorite and minute steaks and gravy and her chocolate sheet cake and her maple walnut candy....

But I KNOW "the best thing" is that she gets to do all of these things with Jesus! And also Granddaddy, and Lefty, Nick, Kay, Jack, Mary Elizabeth and yes, even Elvis! :) And I KNOW that "the best thing" is that someday I will get to do all of these things with her again. I will miss her so, so very much, but I am so thankful to Jesus that we do have that promise of heaven.

I love you, Nana! I will miss you everyday!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun in the sun... and mud!

It was finally warm and sunny on Wednesday afternoon so the kids headed out with their shovels and boots to have some fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emma's 5th Birthday Party... All for one and one for all!

Her birthday table cloth. I can't believe there are 5 hand prints now!

Musketeer capes and swords!
The birthday girl on the trampoline.
Some more fun in the gym.

Opening a few presents!

On guard!
At home with the Barbie cake! It was too cute to cut at the party!
Later that night we had Brinkley's 10th birthday! She had an Arby's "cake". Five of them to be exact!
Then, there was some serious hair styling going on later.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Emma!

It is so hard to believe that it has been FIVE years since you were this tiny baby girl!

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!! I cannot believe that you are 5! You are getting so big and grown up! You have been saying "actually" and "like" all the time. It makes you sound 25. And tonight you were singing Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA and you know practically all the words! You have had a HUGE year. You played your second year of soccer. It was so much better than last year! After soccer, you opted to switch from Gymnastics to Dance and you really seem to like it. You took swimming lessons for the first time and did GREAT! In September, you started Pre-K. You have really learned a lot from your teacher, Mrs. Karen. You have been writing your first and last name, all the letters and numbers and you have been doing a great job coloring in the lines and following directions about what colors to use. Your best friends seem to be Ella, Sloane, Katie, and Madison. You also really like Braydon (the blonde haired boy, as you call him). And you really love it when Lola is home and you can play with her when you go to work with me. You and Aiden have been at each other's throats the last few days, but I think that it is just because you have been together 24/7 for the last month. You really play together really well most of the time. Last night you told me that you want to be a scientist. Grandpa will be popping buttons for sure!! :) Your favorite place to eat is Denny's with Nana and probably the Mexican Food Place in Huntsville and Chick-Fil-A. Daddy and I are always amazed at your sense of direction. You always know where we are even when you can't see out the windows that well. You really love Barbie right now and spend lots of time dressing them and fixing their hair. You are also really into drawing and are pretty talented if I do say so myself. For your birthday, Nana sewed you the dress that you designed. You don't seem to be as into any favorite tv shows right now, but you like Olivia quite a bit when it is on. Your favorite foods lately have been Spaghetti O's(aka saucy noodles), still cooked onions, and square noodles.

Happy Birthday Emily Anne Evans!! We love you so much!!!