Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spiderman Aiden's 3rd Birthday Party!!

The cake...

Green (Goblin) Apples and Spider Web Dip, with Spidey Snacks in the background

Peter Parker Pizza Dip and Doc Oct Hot Dogs

Party favors!!

Climbing the rock wall

Aiden did great when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. I know a certain little mermaid girl that hid under the table at her third birthday party when everyone sang to her! In the back ground are some of their BFFs Lola and Mason :)

Some of the Karnes girls.

Aiden excited about his cake! ;)

Presents!! He loves the RC car. (Bella... not so much!!)

Swimming after the party. He loves the water!

We love you Aiden!! Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

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