Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aiden!

Aiden James Evans... 
Three years ago, on December 7, 2006, you were born at 9:12 am at Willow Creek Women's Hospital. Dr. Gorman delivered you and Dr. Lovell took care of you. You weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and you were 20 3/4 inches long.

Today you are three years old! 
I can hardly believe it. Saturday, you had a Spiderman birthday party. And today we are off to Disney World. We will be celebrating with Tigger and Pooh in a few hours!!

You are such a blessing to me! "I love you in tatos!" (You always tell me, you love me more than potatoes.)
  • You tell me you love me at least 20 times a day and I love it every time. 
  • You always come up to give me kisses. They are the sweetest kisses. But most of the time you wipe my kisses off. Unless you can tell that I really need to give you one, then you say. "I not wiping your kiss off, mommy." 
  • I'm not really educated on this, being an only child, but you seem to have a "second born" personality. You always do what Emma or me and Daddy tell you to do and you hate it if you think that anyone is upset with you. 
  • If Emma is being naughty, you always come hold my hand and say "mommy, I dood." And I always say, "you are good, Aiden, thank you!" I hope that we are not setting up competition between you and Emma later on. 
  • Lately, you are very concerned with being at the top of Santa's "dood" list. And I am almost positive that that is exactly where you are at. But Emma loves to tell you that you are on the naughty list. You aren't!
  • While Emma does like to torment you and you can give her a run for her money too, you guys really are best buds. You play together better that I could have ever hoped for. And the big fights between you have been getting fewer and farther between. I love to hear the two of you laughing and giggling the way that you do. Especially in the back seat of the car. You already have some inside jokes that me and Daddy try to figure out, but we aren't quite sure. Something about "shoo sun" and you wave your hands madly to get the sun out of your eyes. 
  • You also both LOVE to ride your truck and 4 wheeler, especially over the culvert under our driveway. It scares me to death because you are so close to the brick mailbox. But you both laugh your heads off. 
  • Lately, you and Daddy have been having "boy's nights" when I take Emma to dance. Mostly, you are still mommy's boy, but you have been really enjoying your time with Daddy more and more. Last weekend you helped him split wood and loved every second. You were adamant that you needed "wood shoes" though. So we have been searching for just the right "wood shoes" (which are NOT boots)??
  • Your eating (or lack there of) worries me, but you seem to be doing just fine. Your favorites are pancakes (cut up like a spider web, no syrup). Chocolate milk or Cherry Kool-aid (sugar free) (aka punch). Cheetos and tortilla chips. You love "Najos" (nachos) from O Chico (El Chico) or the Mexican Food Place (Acapulco in Huntsville). You will eat chicken nuggets from Chicken Lay (Chick Fil A) or McDonalds. And that is about it. Except for Reeses peanut butter cups, Hershey Kisses, popcorn, and hoggie ice cream. You did surprise us at the Razorback football games by eating the crust of almost an entire footlong corn dog!!
  • You can count to 10 by yourself and sing your abc's with a small amount of coaching. But there is NO WAY that you would do it on command. NO.WAY. Which shows that although you always want people to be happy, you have a slight stubborn streak in some areas. Maybe it is more of a shy streak. It is frustrating to me sometimes, but I am learning to understand that it is who you are and I love you just that way. Plus, I am sure you got it from me!! 
  • You have been going to Coleman (daycare) for just about 2 years now and you just started to not cry when I drop you off. That has been a HUGE blessing. You seem to really like your teacher, Miss Marty. Emma loved her too. You are really good friends with Mason Finstad (Daddy works with his Daddy),  Brody, Peyton (Daddy was in her Mommy's class in high school), Micheala, and Rylan ("Lylan"). 
  • You never want to wear clothes!! Especially underwear (except on your head, which you think is "so" funny and you say that you are pirate). When you do wear clothes, they have to be "hoggie" clothes or Batman or Spiderman. And you would wear shorts and flip flops every day if I would let you (but I won't). You are pretty picky about your pants too. They have to be "soft" pants.
  • I am not sure if you are very patient. You will always ask me to do something (i.e. hold you, pick you up, etc.) and if I don't move to do it right that second you will say "Well, you are not letting me..." To be honest, sometimes I wait for a second, because I love it when you say that. :)
  • You are a fish!! You loved swimming every second this summer and you still love to swim in the hot tub. You are really good at it too!
  • We started calling you Buddy when you were in my tummy and that is still what I call you most of the time.
You are such a good boy and I love you so very much!! You have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. I hope you have the very best birthday ever and MANY, MANY more happy and healthy birthdays. 

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  1. Such a sweet post! : ) That will be great for him to read later on!

    Dr. Gorman is my doctor!! I really hope he is available to deliver Hollyn!