Monday, November 23, 2009

Catch up!!

We haven't been up to a whole lot lately, but it seems like we have been busy. The kids have both been a little sick but nothing too serious. A few things to document... Aiden has been saying "Mommy, I love you" all the time. I just love it. He is such a sweet boy and then Emma will pick up on him being nice and she will say that she loves me too. So sweet! I love every second of it. Aiden is also saying "so" a lot. It was "so" fun. That was "so" loud. Everything is so. So cute!

Last hoggie game of the year. Not sure what Emma is saying to me.
Here is how Aiden eats his corn dog. We were just thrilled that he added corn bread crust to his diet. :)
Shopping at Hog Heaven.
This past weekend we went to Branson to the Dixie Stampede with Nanny, Brandy and the cousins! It was really fun and the kids LOVED the animals and Emma loved the food (me too!)
Then we headed to Silver Dollar City to catch the Christmas sights. It was crazy busy, but beautiful!!

Then last night, we celebrated my 31st birthday at Nanny and Papa's. I got a serger!! It was exciting. I can't wait to learn how to use it. I am all fixed in the sewing machine department. :)
And I got a cookie cake!! With extra balloons because I LOVE the icing!!
Can't wait until Thanksgiving. I just feel like there is so much to be thankful for! I am sure blessed!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pledge and Peer Pressure

I totally tried to do something fun Monday through Wednesday last week... So here it is... this is the most exciting thing. And really it is pretty exciting. At least we were excited!! Emma said the Pledge of Allegiance on 101.1 KLRC on Tuesday morning at 6:15, 7:15, and 8:15. And by the flurry of calls that I got at 6:18, 7:18 and 8:18, I know that there were at least three sets of grandparents and some aunts and cousins that were pretty excited too. :)
Emma was not so impressed. She was just mad that I muted Blues Clues so I could listen to it. Also, I am pretty sure that it is illegal to video the radio and drive at the same time so pretend I didn't do that. Dad, it was totally a back road so don't freak!! ;)

And then on Wednesday, I found out that Aiden is a little obsessive compulsive with his hair. I had been noticing that he was carrying brushes and combs around, but I really had no idea the magnitude of the issue until I witnessed this...

And this...

Friday night we were supposed to go to a birthday party, but Emma had a low grade fever so we just hung out at home and watched Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. I learned then, that Aiden really needs preschool assertiveness training, because Emma can completely manipulate talk Aiden into doing just about anything. Over the course of the weekend they watched the 12 Dancing Princesses at least 12 times and Barbie and the Three Musketeers at least 3 times,  they had a Barbie Beauty Shop for about 4 hours on Saturday, on Sunday she talked him into (Dad, cover your ears) eating a booger and licking her shoe! And this morning, she had him dressed in a purple Ariel night gown, matching Ariel panties and an also matching purple bow. (I do applaud her for her matching abilities!) Crazy girl! I don't know what to think of her sometimes! :) But I am mostly just thankful that she is a healthy, spirited, little girl with lots of spunk that she loves to share, I guess!
Saturday we went to the Razorback game. Dude, just because you have ESPN on your phone doesn't mean you have to check it all during the game. Yeah, yeah, we all know you have an iphone, rub it in a little whydontcha? Jealousy, we've got an app for that! :) Just kidding, honey! You know I love my antique phone. 
Chas went to the game too. We love our Chas and Emma and Aiden especially loved having her there too!
And here is a little sneak peak of part of our Christmas card this year...
Christmas is approaching fast and we are excited!!! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween and Homecoming!!

It seems like we never do anything Monday through Wednesday because I am always posting what we do Thursday through Sunday. Hmmm... we'll have to work on that!
Thursday, Emma had dance and she was really workin' it with that boa!! Because you know, diamonds are a girls best friend!! :)

Then we went home and made our "practice" batch of flubber before we made the real thing at school the next day. It was YUCKY!!

At Emma's party...Batman Braylen and Batgirl Emma!!
The Spidermen, Aiden and Rylan.
Ella, Emma, and Katie
Emma's pre-k class
Trick or Treat on the Square (won't be doing that again!!)
But we will continue to go to the UA Homecoming Parade. It was great!! The kids definitely made up for the 2 tootsie rolls and 1 dumdum they got on the square! Their bags were running over with candy, beads, t-shirts, and toys. It was all fun and games until Matt got hit with the container of Andy's Frozen Custard. hee,hee! Lets just say he was singing the fight song a few notes higher after that!! ;)
After the parade, we came home and the kids played in their new box (aka stroller box that they colored all over).
Satudray morning we started our Trick or Treating rounds. We started at our house. Notice Emma's Halloween sign on the front door.
Trick or Treat... Smell my feet... Give me something good to eat... Poopy! (??)
Then we went to Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy's... oops, forgot to put up that picture...
Then on to Nana Barb's!
{INSERT FUTURE PICTURE OF TRICK OR TREATING AT GRANDPA AND GRANNY BEV'S HERE!!! Because this is where it would have gone when you all get moved back. And it won't be too much longer!!! :) }
Then to Nanny and Papa's
And Mema's
And then Nana's (aka Nana Judy as Aiden said the other day!) :)
Working intently on those coloring books!
Then it was home to get ready for the Hoggie game! It was a blast. We only stayed until half time, but it was fun seeing as many fireworks as we did before we left! GO HOGS!! Now if we could just score that many against an SEC team. Maybe next week!! :)
Sunday was
YAY!!!Here was her party at home. Aiden crashed before we could celebrate, but when he woke up this morning, he said "Is it time for Bella's party?" So we lit up the candle and sang again!
Happy birthday, girl! Hope your second year is filled with lots and lots of love and WAY more pottying OUTSIDE!! :)
Have a great week!!!