Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show us your life - Baby Gear

Kelly is doing a blog hop of favorite baby gear. And because I just love to talk about that, I am participating. Even though it makes me feel sooooo old because I didn't even have a Bumbo or use a sling (sigh). I would soooo have those things if we were having any more kids. But we aren't (double sigh). 

I guess first and foremost, I LOVED our Jeep stroller. It was just perfect. I still love it and prefer that over our two smaller umbrella strollers. It is like the one above except it was blue.

This is Aiden in ours at Race for the Cure a few years ago. That is Emma next to him, hiding from Ronald McDonald. :)

We got this one when we had Aiden. Since Emma was not yet 2, we knew we would need something for both of them. I did use it for about a year, but let me tell you it is HARD to push. I know this is the case with most double strollers, but it just wasn't worth it to me.  I have several friends that have the Sit and Stand stroller and they love it. I would like to try that.

Ok, I am hiding my head in embarrassment as I tell you that this was probably the most used piece of baby gear that we had. I am not lying when I tell you that Emma used this to nap in the swing until she was about 18 months!!! Oh the shame! But isn't it so cute how silly she is being with her paci upside down! :)
They both loved the exer saucer and it was great for allowing showers and bathroom breaks!
This was the walker that we had. Again, Jeep! We loved that brand! I really did like it.

I would invest in one of these shopping cart covers for sure. If I had it to do over, I would get a cute boutique one from etsy. Kind of like this.
Kelly mentioned that she didn't use the wipe warmer but we had one and used it. I guess since both Emma and Aiden were born in the winter. It just seemed good to use it. I won't tell you what we called the guy that gave it to us! ;) (mom, are you laughing?) We had the Prince Lion Heart brand and did not have any problems. We loved the boppy pillow and Aiden slept propped up in that for a long time. We did not love the Miracle Blanket. It was not a miracle for us. We did love the little zippered sleepers from Carter's. They were very handy during late night diaper changes and helpful because they both kicked off blankets. I also had the Medella Pump In Style Advanced. It was very good since I still worked full time when Emma was born and had to pump. Something that we just got that I wished we would have gotten sooner is a temporal thermometer. It really helps to have an accurate temp if I need to call the Dr. Ok, back to ones with pictures...

Since they have both been forward facing, our dvd player has been a must. They love it! That's not really baby gear, but a must, nonetheless.

Have you noticed the pacis in like every picture of Emma. They liked Nuk and I would HIGHLY recommend them!! Ignore the carrots for Roudolph and notice the Diaper Champ on the left on the picture above. We liked it because it really did help with the smell (although we still kept it outside) and it also used regular trash bags as opposed to the ones that were hard to install and more pricey. This was a tip from my BFF, Merrilee. Each of our kids were born approximately 9 months after hers were. Girls first, then boys. I also followed her lead on our choice for diapers.

We both used Pampers swaddlers for sizes NB and 1 and Huggies for everything above that. Speaking of Merrilee, let me give her a little shout out!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Here are she and her husband, Jeremy at their wedding.

Here she is with Raegan and Emma at Raegan's first birthday party. 
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Great tip about keeping the Diaper Champ outside! I know the Champ doesn't eliminate the smell completely and I was worried about that. I'd much rather stink up the garage than the baby's room! :)

    We're due with our first in April and this blog carnival has been so helpful!