Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long awaited weekend update...

Saturday morning was Emma's last soccer game of the season. Of course every other game was bright and early at 9 am. This one was our only 11:20 game, which happened to be the exact start time of the Ole Miss game (and that is that last time that game will EVER be mentioned!)

Aiden loves to roll down the hills at the soccer field.
And play football.
Emma did even better this week. She has improved so much since last year! It has been really fun to see. She really gets in the game and tries to kick the ball. 
And sweet, sweet cousin Maggie came to the game!! I can't even begin to tell you how special this was to Emma (and me!) Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy were in St. Louis watching cousin Erin play college soccer (which I am sure is not hardly as entertaining as per-school soccer, except for Erin, of course!!) and Maggie came all by herself to watch Emma. That was so nice!! I'm sure that a 17 year old could have found a million other things to do on a Saturday morning, so we were so impressed that she came. What an awesome girl!! If you can't tell, I was just really touched and impressed! (:
And Maggie wasn't the only thing Emma was totally excited about. She has been waiting for this moment since we signed up for soccer in June... TROPHIES!!
Gooooooo, Lemondrops!!!
After the game, Emma and I went to a girl in Emma's pre-k class's birthday party. It was a precious western theme! They even had pony rides. Emma had a great time! I think that she liked their jungle gym as much as the ponies though!
Cheers to the birthday girl!!
On Sunday evening, they helped Daddy rake some leaves in the back yard. I know, I know, where the heck are Aiden's pants? I swear, I can't keep them on the kid. You know it's bad when you have to make a rule "NO naked butts on the kitchen counters!"
Monday night, we had our annual neighborhood Fall Bash. We moved it inside this year because, as one party-pooper-neighbor put it, they were sorry that they couldn't come to the "stand around in the cold and freeze party." So... there... we didn't freeze and it was quite fun, thankyouverymuch! I couldn't get the nerve up to make the adults smile for the camera, but the kids were too busy playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos to care. I love, love, love that all the kids in our neighborhood are the same ages. Half Emma's age and half Aiden's age. That is going to be the saddest part if we sell our house. But it's not too far away and we were already told that we are still responsible for planning the Fall Bash whether we live here or not. (: Fine by me!!

Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming Halloween costumes... Aiden wanted to wear his spiderman pajamas instead of his costume and I don't believe that the paint will be happening with him again. (Notice the pony tail? It was that or red hair!) So he will just have to wear the mask that came with it.
And heeeere's Bat Girl. I almost feel like I should call her "princess bat girl". I just can't believe that she decided to go the super hero route instead of the princess route! But I guess, if I really think about it, she has only been a princess for 2 out of her 4 previous Halloweens... I guess I am just used to her always dressing up as a princess at home.

Here's a little recap of Halloweens past...
2005 - the butterfly and the bumble bee

2006 - Cinderella (aka Lella) (( I can't believe this dress comes up to her knees now! *tear*))
2007 - Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

2008 - Cinderella (again?? oops!) and Safari guy

I know that there will always be brother/sister fights and that they will have disagreements, but lately I have been really cherishing every single second watching them play together. Especially because they have been playing so well together (even if they are sometimes destructive (see below!) But they have just been so imaginative lately. Earlier in the evening the tent that they are destroying in the picture had been a house with a front porch, a ship surrounded by sharks, and a submarine. Later in the evening, they were walking around the house holding hands and singing "do, do, da, do" (the wedding march, in case you needed some help there). It has all just been precious.
And while I am recording things for posterity, I just HAVE to record this so I won't forget how funny it was! So if you are easily offended, just go ahead and shut down your computer. Ready... OK... The other night Emma and I were upstairs working on her costume and she was using Matt's work out equipment as a jungle gym and she told me "ughhh, I just hate boobs! I can't do anything with these guys. I can't run. I can't walk. Ughhh!" Oh my goodness! I honestly have NO idea where she came up with that, but I just about busted a gut I was laughing so hard! But I also think its funny because you can tell that we have been reading Junie B. Jones when she said "these guys". It was just too much!! I guess on that note, I'll sign off for today!!

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