Friday, September 4, 2009

Woooo Poooo Shooooie

We have been calling the hogs every night for about the last week and a half. Except Aiden usually says woooo poooo shoooie, but I think its cute so I never correct him.  But anyway... we are just really excited that our first game is this Saturday. It will be the first time (that I am old enough to remember) that we have been to a Little Rock game. Emma has been walking around saying she is "pumped".  So cute!
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In other news, we had Pre-K "Meet and Greet" this week. I realized when we left the house that I didn't bring my good camera, but I am so thankful that I keep a little one in my purse for occasions like this. First we stopped by Wal-Mart to pick out her school supplies which we were NOT to put her name on because they would go into the Teacher's supply closet and would be for everyone (someone was VERY upset about this... and it wasn't Emma... or me... or Aiden) I'm just sayin'.

Hmmm... Razorback rug... so far so good.

Emma and Katie playing with the blocks. I had a class with her dad (BLAW with Dr. Norwood, my favorite teacher of all time!)
Emma and Jon Gosselin Daddy (but really, they way he is lookin' all Ed Hardy in that shirt and the dark hair, doesn't it kind of remind you of him. But, I mean, Matt is way more responsible and he doesn't have any 22 year old girlfriends!! But there was some drama about the school supplies!! Just sayin')
They will get to go on lots of field trips and learn lots of neat new things so once again, she is "pumped".

And in other super sad (but it will be ok) news, Matt helped the realtor lady put this in our yard tonight.

 It was VERY EMOTIONAL to say the very least. Matt was holding it all together until our next door neighbor, Ms. Betty, pulled up and told him (through tears) that she wasn't going to let us move. I was crying like a baby while I was taking the pictures. Then after we went in, two more of our neighbors drove by. It was gut wrenching. Hence the no call from me tonight, mom!! I'll pull myself together and call you in the morning!! 

And  just to lighten up the mood a little, here is one thing we did this past weekend. It was Uncle Gary's 60th Birthday so we go together and partied Karnes style!! Beauty Shop and Tug-of-War!  Lots of fun!! Nana had the whole garage set up as a Beauty Shop, complete with massage chair and waiting room with magazines. It was really cute. 

And of course the sisters had to participate in the tug-of-war... Silly girls!!

Sibling rivalry...
And the running buddies. Matt will be training harder for a re-match!

Then these are just some oldies from Nana's camera...

Emma with the Chicken "Pops" (and a rash, I think)!

Aiden painting


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  1. You are moving???Where? When? Im sad and Im not even your neighbor! YOur pic's of beauty shop are adorable....