Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty busy weekend, as usual. We had some friends in from Georgia for the big game. They were such good sports and didn't rub it in AT ALL! AhemYeahRight!!! No really it was all in good fun! We would have totally rubbed it in their faces had there not been 700 penalties in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and if our defense would have kept up the momentum they had the first quarter. :( But it was fun. Matt and Todd fished on Friday and Saturday and were oh so close to being "in the money". Next year guys! Then Glenda and the kids and I went to Eureka in the mist. Us naturally curly headed girls did not like the misty weather, hence no pictures of that little outing. But we survived (barely!! Next time I need a gps! Maybe "American Jill" knows her way around Eureka better than me.)
I had to get a picture of this little cutie in the most coveted of all our bath towels. The doggie towel has gotten them out of the bath tub quickly many a time by simply by saying "whoever gets out first gets the doggie towel!" Thanks Aunt Kellie!! I wish we had 10 of them!!

And here is our "trotty" boy.

A: eeeeyaaa, eeeeyaaa
me: Are you being a donkey, buddy
A: no mommy, I doing Tumblebus...or what dat hang I do at tool?
me: Karate?
A: yeah, trotty.

After last week's fiasco of me trying to spy on him and him seeing me first, I wised up this week and sent a teacher in with my camera! Miss Alisha said that he looked at her like she was crazy!

I have more pictures of the weekend that I wanted to post, but I will have to get to it a little later!

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