Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More pictures from the weekend...

1-2-3-Gooooo, LEMON DROPS!! Did I ever mention that I LOVE when they do this! It is so cute. 
Emma had soccer pictures BRIGHT and EARLY on Saturday, followed by a game. ALL of the A Team more aggressive girls were either sick or out of town so the B Team younger, less aggressive girls really got to show their stuff. I mean we still got CREAMED, but the little girls really did a good job of getting in there and doing a great job! We even got the ball down almost by our goal twice!!!

Look at her running in the middle of the team!! As opposed to 10 feet behind them!! :) She really is improving so much this year. The part that she doesn't want to do is take it away from the other girls, and while I know that is the whole point of soccer, I think that is so sweet! I'm sure it is strange for her to live the last 4 1/2 years with us making her always share with Aiden or with other kids and now here we are yelling at them all to "GET IT, TAKE IT AWAY!!!" 
And here's what you get when Daddy is fishing instead of going to the game!! ;) Sorry, Matt!! He LOVED the pom poms! Go Lemon Drops!!

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