Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Haircuts and Trotty

This weekend we just had more of the usual. Saturday we had soccer bright and early. Emma wasn't so sure she wanted to participate, but she finally went out and had some fun. 

Go Lemon Drops!!

Then Sunday the inevitable finally happened... Emma cut her own hair. I have really tried so hard to never tell her that I did it when I was a kid or to even cut her hair myself just so she would never get the idea that it was even possible to think that someone besides a hair stylist could cut hair. But she's a smart one, that girl. We tried to get an emergency haircut on Sunday afternoon, but we weren't able too and so far if we part it on the side, it hasn't been too noticeable. Really, I'm not kidding. I mean it looks like a huge chunk is missing on this picture and it is if you look for it, but no one has just come out and said "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR!!!???" I mean, except Matt right when it happened. I can't say anything though, because it was just a few short years ago (or 27) that I sat under Nana and Grandaddy's kitchen table and did it myself :) Hey, it'll grow out!
 Guess who told on her. Actually, guess who came in the kitchen with "the scissors" and a piece of his own hair that she cut too (although, we can't tell where it came from - no obvious chunks missing anywhere).
Yep, Super Aiden. And speaking of this Super Cutie, guess who started "trotty" (aka Karate) this week!!! They are offering it at daycare and since he is having MAJOR clinginess issues, we thought that he might actually participate if I wasn't there. (Actually, I was there, but I was trying to hide so he wouldn't see me, but that boy is a smart one too and before I got a picture of him he saw me and then wouldn't participate anymore. :( Next time I'll just send my camera in with a teacher). 

After that, the kids had a dentist appointment. Emma did fabulous and Aiden, notsomuch. We got in trouble again for taking a sippy to bed because we (and by "we" I guess I mean "I") fill it with poison (aka orange juice) and to think that I thought I would be praised because I had gotten it all the way to over half water mixed with just a tiny bit of poison (aka orange juice). Nope, I just had to sign a form that I would never give them orange juice at bed time EVER. AGAIN. I am so not kidding. And by the way, had I had a cavity in the last year? (Technically, it was a food trap, get off my back people!!) So we left there humbled and depressed (and by we, I mean I again). 

So there you have it...  Have a great week!!! Go HOGS, beat GEORGIA!!

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