Friday, August 7, 2009


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Emma started her second year of soccer this week. It was so cute! I was worried at first because we seemed to have a relapse of last year's shyness, but she got over it quickly and really had fun! Her favorite part was the drill where Coach Corey had them all kick their soccer balls while chasing him and trying to hit him with the ball. She really got into it! She's kinda devious like that! You know, in a cute innocent kind of way! :) 

Aiden really wants to be playing soccer too! One more year, buddy!

All lined up for follow the leader, soccer style!

 This year there are all girls on the team. I just love little girls that play soccer with big bows in their hair. Oh, how I wish that Emma would wear bows. If I would have known that she was going to do a bow-cott on me, I would have totally taken advantage of it when she was a baby and defenseless against the big bow! I would have replaced this tiny little orange bow... 

with a little something more like this! Actually, I wouldn't go this big, but this company is making a bow called the Bentley Bow in honor of this little girl (not the little girl in the picture). So it is really kind of neat. 
So this week, we spent several evenings in the front yard practicing. It was fun, but the humidity is TERRIBLE this week. Besides that it has been pretty uneventful, which is good!

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