Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soccer, week two and other events...

Friday, we went to eat at Sonic with Nana Barb. She has been wanting to go to Sonic and sit at the tables and eat. Sounds good us! Emma was so excited she was dancing all around.

Then we went for a drive to Devils Den. We have been planning to go there so we thought we would go check it out first. It was beautiful!! Come on, Emma! It's fun!! Smile a little...

In case you were wondering, Emma scratched him. We had a pretty rough morning. He got her back though... fork to the thigh. There were band aids. But on the bright side... look... he's eating chicken!!! Yay for protein!

More soccer on Saturday, it was fun!! Emma seemed to get more in the middle of things a little bit. And it wasn't because we told her we would give her a quarter for every time she kicked the ball away from someone. I mean, we would never do that. It would just be wrong! :)

Emma with two of the powerhouses on the team, Natalie and Zoe.
Stealing Nana's glasses in between her time on the field! She has ALWAYS done that!!
A little pep talk... we got CREAMED!!! It was terrible. It is 6 and under soccer and we didn't have any 6 year olds on our team. I think we found them all though. They are on the blue team. I swear they played the same girl in front of the goal the WHOLE game. And they aren't even supposed to have goalies. But I'm not upset. Do I sound upset? I mean they are 4 (or, you know, 6) and that would just be silly!
We brought snacks this week. Rice crispy treats and lemon cookies for the Lemon Drops!!
By the way, I think that we have a pre-O.C.D. girl on our hands. She has been making lists for everything and I noticed she had lined up all of her shoes the other day. Mom had mentioned that she was coloring there and had to line up all of her crayons first. Just for the record... I HATE dirty flip flops and I am going to clean those as soon as I am done with this post!! YUCK!

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