Sunday, August 23, 2009

Go Hogs Go!!

Saturday afternoon, we went to Fan Day at the UA. It was in the Gardens and it was really fun!   

We saw the real Tusk!
Emma was the most excited about the cheerleaders and while we were waiting for the team to arrive she wrote "cheerleader" on a little free notepad that we received. More about that in a minute...
But also while we were waiting, Emma had to use the restroom. So while I was waiting here...

The busses with the team and coaches arrived and I got to see Coach Petrino close up!! Go Hogs!!

Then, we went to get a look at the quarterbacks and Matt knew the Usher that was "guarding" Ryan Mallett. He tried to get Emma and Aiden to go get their picture with him (skipping a line that was longer a football field!) but they wouldn't. 
Emma was only interested in giving the cheerleaders that were with him the picture that she made. It was all worth it though because those girls were so sweet! They made such a big deal about her picture and called  a bunch of the other cheerleaders to see it. Of course, I teared up. It was just so nice of them to do that. Emma got a big hug from one of them.

It was so fun and we are so excited for football season!! Only a few more weeks!! We even get to go to the first Little Rock game too! I've never been to one so I am anxious to see what everyone says is so great. I'm sure it will be a blast, I just can't imagine it being any better than a Fayetteville game.  They are the best!!

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