Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday and Saturday

Friday we just did our normal Friday activities. We decided to go to the Springdale Library this week instead of Fayetteville because they were holding Pinkalicious and Purplicious for us. We LOVE those books! We also got "You Can't Go to School Naked". It was so cute! We definitely need to add those to our collection. It is looking like we might need to read that book to Aiden a lot before he starts school. At least we have THREE more years before we have to worry about that. Not so much for Emma. I can't believe she starts Pre-K in 2 weeks!! Anyway, since we went to Springdale we got to feed the ducks , geese. You know, until they decided to eat Aiden's hand instead of the bread. 

Before we left for the park, Emma and Aiden ran to me in the laundry room and said, "Momma, Momma, look what we did" (with HUGE smiles). Oh, no... they decided to completely strip their beds (which would have been helpful had they needed to be washed or something, but they didn't!) Anyway, I told Aiden that he needed to help put the sheets back on and he took one look at the room from the doorway and said "Momma, I little... I not big! I not can't help!" He sure did help take them off...
Saturday, Emma had her first soccer game!! Go Lemondrops!! She has done so much better this year. We have not had to bribe her to go on the field at all this year!! :) I guess she takes after me. Not too aggressive.  But she is trying and not crying this year, so that is great!! Maybe softball will be more her speed. We'll see... Aiden is so ready to play next year. I can't wait to see him!! It will be hard having them both play, but it will be so cute!!

Before the game...

During the game...

Here is the video of her throw in.

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