Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soccer, week two and other events...

Friday, we went to eat at Sonic with Nana Barb. She has been wanting to go to Sonic and sit at the tables and eat. Sounds good us! Emma was so excited she was dancing all around.

Then we went for a drive to Devils Den. We have been planning to go there so we thought we would go check it out first. It was beautiful!! Come on, Emma! It's fun!! Smile a little...

In case you were wondering, Emma scratched him. We had a pretty rough morning. He got her back though... fork to the thigh. There were band aids. But on the bright side... look... he's eating chicken!!! Yay for protein!

More soccer on Saturday, it was fun!! Emma seemed to get more in the middle of things a little bit. And it wasn't because we told her we would give her a quarter for every time she kicked the ball away from someone. I mean, we would never do that. It would just be wrong! :)

Emma with two of the powerhouses on the team, Natalie and Zoe.
Stealing Nana's glasses in between her time on the field! She has ALWAYS done that!!
A little pep talk... we got CREAMED!!! It was terrible. It is 6 and under soccer and we didn't have any 6 year olds on our team. I think we found them all though. They are on the blue team. I swear they played the same girl in front of the goal the WHOLE game. And they aren't even supposed to have goalies. But I'm not upset. Do I sound upset? I mean they are 4 (or, you know, 6) and that would just be silly!
We brought snacks this week. Rice crispy treats and lemon cookies for the Lemon Drops!!
By the way, I think that we have a pre-O.C.D. girl on our hands. She has been making lists for everything and I noticed she had lined up all of her shoes the other day. Mom had mentioned that she was coloring there and had to line up all of her crayons first. Just for the record... I HATE dirty flip flops and I am going to clean those as soon as I am done with this post!! YUCK!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Go Hogs Go!!

Saturday afternoon, we went to Fan Day at the UA. It was in the Gardens and it was really fun!   

We saw the real Tusk!
Emma was the most excited about the cheerleaders and while we were waiting for the team to arrive she wrote "cheerleader" on a little free notepad that we received. More about that in a minute...
But also while we were waiting, Emma had to use the restroom. So while I was waiting here...

The busses with the team and coaches arrived and I got to see Coach Petrino close up!! Go Hogs!!

Then, we went to get a look at the quarterbacks and Matt knew the Usher that was "guarding" Ryan Mallett. He tried to get Emma and Aiden to go get their picture with him (skipping a line that was longer a football field!) but they wouldn't. 
Emma was only interested in giving the cheerleaders that were with him the picture that she made. It was all worth it though because those girls were so sweet! They made such a big deal about her picture and called  a bunch of the other cheerleaders to see it. Of course, I teared up. It was just so nice of them to do that. Emma got a big hug from one of them.

It was so fun and we are so excited for football season!! Only a few more weeks!! We even get to go to the first Little Rock game too! I've never been to one so I am anxious to see what everyone says is so great. I'm sure it will be a blast, I just can't imagine it being any better than a Fayetteville game.  They are the best!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday and Saturday

Friday we just did our normal Friday activities. We decided to go to the Springdale Library this week instead of Fayetteville because they were holding Pinkalicious and Purplicious for us. We LOVE those books! We also got "You Can't Go to School Naked". It was so cute! We definitely need to add those to our collection. It is looking like we might need to read that book to Aiden a lot before he starts school. At least we have THREE more years before we have to worry about that. Not so much for Emma. I can't believe she starts Pre-K in 2 weeks!! Anyway, since we went to Springdale we got to feed the ducks , geese. You know, until they decided to eat Aiden's hand instead of the bread. 

Before we left for the park, Emma and Aiden ran to me in the laundry room and said, "Momma, Momma, look what we did" (with HUGE smiles). Oh, no... they decided to completely strip their beds (which would have been helpful had they needed to be washed or something, but they didn't!) Anyway, I told Aiden that he needed to help put the sheets back on and he took one look at the room from the doorway and said "Momma, I little... I not big! I not can't help!" He sure did help take them off...
Saturday, Emma had her first soccer game!! Go Lemondrops!! She has done so much better this year. We have not had to bribe her to go on the field at all this year!! :) I guess she takes after me. Not too aggressive.  But she is trying and not crying this year, so that is great!! Maybe softball will be more her speed. We'll see... Aiden is so ready to play next year. I can't wait to see him!! It will be hard having them both play, but it will be so cute!!

Before the game...

During the game...

Here is the video of her throw in.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just some pictures...

Here are some of the things that we have been up to lately...

We had a fender bender in our back yard. Darn women drivers!! But phew! Thank goodness she was wearing her helmet! Aiden, where's your helmet? Now that I think of it, where's your clothes??

Saturday, we went to our nephew/cousin's 7th birthday party! Army/Skating!! Pretty fun. We didn't have any army apparel so we had to buy some camo shirts at Old Navy and kind of improvise. I thought they turned out ok.

The cake!

The birthday boy!! Happy birthday Justin Tyler!!

You should be this big... 
Or this big... I'd put a newborn one, but I didn't have a digital camera WAY back then! (why did I take a picture of you picking your nose? Then again, why am I putting it on my blog? Aunt of the year, I guess!)  By the way, Aiden thinks this is a picture of him. 

Don't show this one to Dr. Lovell!! No wonder he had 2 broken arms last year!! Skates and a scooter??? Where is this kid's mom? Oh, behind the camera? Smart!

Tuesday, we discovered that there was a water faucet on the side of our house. That was pretty entertaining!!

That's about it for this week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Vacation Spots

Disney World!!!
Since Matt and I have been married we have been to Disney World twice and Disneyland once. And I think that we each went to Disney World twice when we were little. Disneyland is great and there is something extra special just because it is the original,  but oh my Disney World is just, well it's just the Happiest Place on Earth. And I am soooooooo excited to say that I think that we are going to get to go in December!!! Woohoo!!!!! :) 

Disney World, 2006

Can you see the terror in Emma's poor little face... Character dinners have gotten progressively better, thank goodness!!

Yeah, that's Aiden due in t-minus 9 weeks. Why didn't I take cuter maternity clothes??

Disney World, 2008
Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boutique!!

I almost forgot our other favorite vacation spot. This is a little less conventional and it is always just a girls trip! But we LOVE Pella, Iowa. My mom has been going to the Tulip Festival every year for about 10 years and we try to go with her when we can. It is beautiful!!

Pella, 2005
Kaylee, Katie Beth, Kellie, Emma, me, and Mom

Katie Beth "Here's a tulip, wanna take my picture?" (this was after A LONG day of taking pictures with a million different kinds of tulips!!)

Pella, 2007
 Aiden - the only boy to ever be allowed to go to Pella with us! (btw, look at the hack job of a haircut he got right before we left. Needless to say we didn't go back there!!)
Brinkley got to go too!!

Look at her little wooden shoes... aren't they precious?

This is how you take a potty training toddler on a road trip. (And all those sacks, those are our goodies from the BEST BAKERIES IN THE WORLD!!! Jaarsma and Vander Ploeg Bakery) Wow, we kind of look like the Beverly Hillbillies! You'd never believe that all that stuff was for just a one night stay!!!