Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your life - Wedding Dress

A little late... but today I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dress Edition. Matt and I got married on June 6, 1998. It blows my mind how old we are! We didn't have any digital photos so I just took pictures of the photos from our album. You know... 'cause I'm a dork like that!I really did love my dress because I am super Plain Jane and it that's what it was. I think the only criteria I had for finding a dress was that it be "Cinderella-y" and I think that it was. There are a million things that I would have changed about the day, but I am so happy to say that a couple of the things that I wouldn't change are the groom and the dress!  
We were so young!! 

Me and my Nana. She is so cute how she always finds the perfect dress to match an occasion.  I had red, blue, green and yellow as my colors - mostly just in the flowers that I used... it wasn't like a circus or anything ;) But bless her heart, she found just the dress to match.
My flower girls, Kaylee and Chasity. They are 16 and almost 15 now. Did I mention how old I am!! They are so cute!! They were one of my favorite things about the wedding (except the groom of course!)
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