Sunday, July 26, 2009

McConnell Family Reunion

We wrapped up the 2009 McConnell Family Reunion just about a week ago. We have had a pretty crazy week so I am just getting to posting the pictures. It was a blast!! I always hate for it to end!
The McConnell women... and Matt. :) Lemons, "fold overs", "big butts", OH MY!Matt and Shannon with Matt's famous bacon wrapped jalepeno things. They are so YUMMY!!
Another reunion must-have... NO BAKES!! YUM-O!Aiden and Emma wore out Jeremy!
All the girls after the Girls Brunch on Friday. Bev and Christy were very sneaky and made it a surprise birthday party for all of us. We were all celebrating BIG birthdays (Emma - 5, Maggie-16, Erin - 21, Lindsey- 25, me - 30, Shannon - 45, Becky - 60, and Virginia - 80.) It was a lot of fun and "the big enchilada" at Jose's made it even more fun by giving us all these t-shirts for FREE!! 

Maggie and Erin at the Ladies Brunch.

Then a fun day at the lake house. Emma's first time to tube! You can tell that Daddy is pretty proud! We all were!!
Shannon and Aiden. This was before they shucked corn together and got "ticky icky" hands.
The golf game on Sunday. 
Maggie and Erin sporting their hard hats.
Shannon and Becky with their hard hats...
Lindsey and Curtis on their 1 year anniversary!
Uncle Tom :)
Our team. me, Alex, Bev, Matt and our mascot, Emma.

Over all, it was a super fun week! We can't wait until next year... I heard it was going to be at Disney World!! Oh... you were kidding?

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