Tuesday, July 14, 2009

McConnell Family Reunion - Day One

Today marked day one of the McConnell Family Reunion. Granny Bev and Aunt Shannon arrived today. The rest of the gang should arrive throughout the week. After a quick hello, we made a mad dash to Emma's gymnastics, which was a mini reunion in itself since our family took up half the viewing room. Then we headed to the Naturals game. Notice we are being carefully watched by the law! You never know what us McConnells will get into! Also notice that I said "our" and "us" above. That means that I am officially a step McConnell and I totally get as many bacon wrapped jalepeno things as the rest of ya'll! ;) 
Granny Bev and Aiden, the chocolate cheeto face boy!

Seventh inning stretch. We didn't win anything! :(

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