Thursday, July 9, 2009

God Bless America

A little late on my Fourth of July post, but better late than never, I guess. We had a great holiday. It started the Sunday before when I got to attend our church's Celebrate Freedom service. I ALWAYS love it so much! But I always cry when they honor the veterans by playing all of the songs for the various branches of the military. It is worth it though!
 That night we went to the Fireworks at the Crosses. Those were amazing too. I mean, I think that they were amazing. We were too busy running to our car so we wouldn't get stuck in traffic! Ha! Matt thought that would be a good idea.

Here he is with kids before the fireworks started. Try to look like you're having fun, Sweetie! I love how Aiden has his legs crossed. And look Grandpa and Grandma, they have their new cups. Anyway, it really was fun and beautiful and not to mention there were 117 baptisms that took place under the crosses. Pretty awesome.

Then, on Thursday night, we had our own fireworks show. 
Aiden wasn't too impressed with the noise.

Emma loved the sparklers. 
Brinkely... notsomuch. She HATES all fireworks, but especially the loud ones! Poor girl. We tried to get all quiet ones, but one of the fountains surprised us with a loud pop.

Saturday we went to a couple of parties with some swimming in between. 
Then up to the Coger's hanger for our annual Fourth of July party and the best seats EVER for the fireworks show put on by the Huntsville Fire Department. Which is surprisingly good. Even with some technical difficulties this year, it was great!

Aiden running like heck to get away from the M-60 that Uncle Hugh just lit.

Aiden spilled juice all over us and then fell asleep as soon as the fireworks started. Then I couldn't reach my camera to take pictures of the actual fireworks which were beautiful. Oh well, maybe next year...

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