Sunday, June 28, 2009


After a quick trip to the farmers market where Emma chose green beans, I chose squash and Aiden didn't choose anything because we couldn't find a farmer that grew chocolate or cheetos (what's up with that?) we thought this would be the best way to spend the day. Ahhhh! It was great and the kids loved it. 

This is the face that Emma makes when she stops kicking and paddling. She is doing great at swimming under water with no floaties though. She made it across the whole pool.

Aiden's silly eyes from his goggles.


I have been trying to catch Aiden mid jump. It is so cute, but I haven't quite gotten the right picture just yet.  

Grandpa and Granny Bev hit it big with the new cups they sent the kids. They loved them. Aiden especially loves how it opens when you press the button and of course it is "Piderman". Thank you guys!!

Just for fun, here are a few old pictures...

Emma's first 4th of July (before the playroom was the playroom - Oh how I miss those days - not really, now that I think of it. I really love each and every day just like it is. I mean, maybe it would be ok if it were just a little cleaner, but really they're only young once so bring on the toys (and pretend credit cards).

Aiden's first 4th of July

Brinkely - 4th of July before Emma was born. Poor neglected girl... Really, I don't think that she is sad that she doesn't have to wear the bikini anymore or the shades. I think that she liked her pool though. We'll have to see about getting another one for her.

And some newer picutres...
Aiden laughing at Emma in the back seat. (Not the Brinkley incident, in case you were wondering Gradnpa) ;) 

Brinkley and Bella in action. Hmmm. Blurry with crisp background. Obviously, I need a class!
Future blogger? Actually she has been playing noggin games lately. She's really pretty good. I was surprised how quickly she picked it up. 
That's it for our Saturday. More swimming tomorrow!!

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