Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our weekend...

This week the grandparents were in from California. YAY!! It was so fun. The kids always look so forward to the visits (and so do Matt and I). We especially love to see what they think when there have been so many changes like there have been since they came in March. Mostly with Aiden... he is now completely potty trained (well, except for bedtime! And apparently except for getting excited because he had 3 accidents within an hour of Grandma and Grandpa's arrival). And also he has really started to talk so much. It is precious!!

So the weekend was really fun (and a little embarrassing - story to follow...) When they arrived on Thursday, we went out to look at "the land" and to see "Uncle Tom's Cabin", which was looking great until we broke it in Evans Kiddo style. First, Aiden's 3rd (aforementioned) accident occurred in Uncle Tom's new doorway and porch. Then Emma needed to go (#2) so she did that right in the middle of the back yard. AUGHHHH!!! So proud! But hey, we were definitely keepin' it real. Then, we spent Friday smoking ribs and pulled pork (actually Grandpa did... YUM-O). Then Grandma and Grandpa got to see Emma in gymnastics Friday afternoon. We had the McConnells over for a barbeque on Friday night. Fun times! Emma adopted Maggie as her big sister and I guess Brey as her brother-in-law (or something like that!!) But they were sooo kind to entertain her. Then Saturday was our 11 year anniversary!!! (I love you, honey!!) 
We had a fun day (although an unconventional anniversary). Matt worked on the broken house. The kids and I went to Weston's "morio" (aka Super Mario) birthday party. Which Jocelyn did a great job on! But, man oh man, Fast Lane's was EX-PEN-SIVE!!!! Wow, I'm glad it was a birthday party! Anyway, then we met Matt in Huntsville and then went to eat (and shop) for a little while in Branson. Now this may not seem very romantic to go to Branson with our kids, but I beg to differ. I think that it was super sweet because Matt knew that Gymboree Outlet had just gotten in the line I have been waiting for a year and he knew that I wanted Emma there with me to see what she would actually wear. What a guy!! Thanks, honey!! Then Sunday was just kind of slow. We did the normal Sunday dinner thing (which we love!) then we had another dinner at Terry and Christy's for Jacob's Farewell Party. That brings us to Monday. Grandma and Grandpa kept the kids (with no car seats- Sorry!!). Then, they started swimming lessons that evening. So cute!!

Tuesday, Nana kept the kids and as usual let them have tons of fun doing all kinds of fun stuff. Here are some pictures of their Kool Aid stand.
(Emma drew the cookies and brownie above)
Emma serving Nana Barb (we are soooo blessed! How many 88 year old Nana's would get out to come to their great-grandkids' Kool-Aid Stand. She is the best and hasn't changed a lick since I was the one having the Kool-Aid Stand. I love you, Nana!!)

This was just a random picture of Bella. She was playing with that toy and got it around her neck like it was hugging her. So precious!!

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