Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memory Lane

Aiden just turned 2 and a half and Emma is quickly approaching her 4 and a half birthday. And so, as usual, I am feeling a little nostalgic. So here is a little stroll down memory lane... 

Emma's "birth"day

One Month! This is her "bruiser" picture. Ha!

Two months! She is sweeter in this picture and getting a little filled out!
Three Months! Sumo baby! 
Four Months! Do we have to take these pictures again?
Five Months! Cheese!

Six months! Starting to drool! A lot!!
Seven months! Look at all that hair! Too bad that we didn't have bows like Harper's!
Eight months! Looks kind of innocent here!
Nine months! Darn ol' tooth!
Ten months! A little happier!

Eleven months! Happy girl!!
Twelve months! YEA!! It's my birthday!!!

And Herrrreeee's Aiden...

Aiden's "birth"day!!

One month! Hey bear! What's up with all the pictures?
Two months! Faux hawk - stylin!
Three months! Serious boy!
Four months! Smiling a little more!

Five months! I'm ready for some baseball!
Six months! Starting to drool a lot like Sissy did!
Seven months! Now I love this paci!
Eight months! Still lovin' the paci!
Nine months! Come on, Daddy. Let's play catch!
Ten months! I'm done with this!
Eleven months! Still done!

Twelve months! Go Hogs go!! Where's my cake!

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  1. What precious, sweet pictures! And you KNOW I love all things Disney (as I read in your About Me section)! What a beautiful family---children truly are a treasure from the Lord :o)

    Thank you for following my blog! xoxo

    Ashley L.