Friday, May 15, 2009

son-in-law of the year!

I believe he is in the running for son-in-law of the year. 

(Not to steal any of his glory... but he does have a bee keeping outfit and someone was two feet away taking the pictures... I'm just saying... 
(Just kidding, I was way far away thanks to my awesome telephoto lens!)

Don't worry that bee on his bootie didn't sting him!

Pardon the TERRIBLE videoing. I was getting swarmed a little (not really, I was just worried that I would.) It gets a little better after the first few seconds, then a little worse towards the end (i.e. I wasn't intentionally just filming his bootie! I was watching the bee flying towards me!)
Here is Matt putting the bees into their new home! We are now on day 4 and they are still here and eating the sugar water like crazy!  They love it. It has been such a learning experience for the whole family. We have really all enjoyed it. Fun times!

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