Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So after about a year and a half of mourning for Nemo and Nemo's Mommy that we got for Emma's 3rd birthday. (By the way, sorry to all of the fish party favor recipients. I am standing by that - even though Emma wants to have a "Fish Birthday" and it would be the perfect favor - I promise I won't do it again!!) Anyway, so we want to introduce Nemo II, Flounder, and Shrimpy. Let's all pray that they live! 

Emma's photography. She took off with my camera the other day and this is what she came back with. I was pretty impressed!

May day!! This tradition was passed on from Nana and hopefully will be passed down forever! Rain and all we were determined to pass out our May baskets. Emma and Aiden really enjoy hiding and getting chased for kisses.

And a big thank you to Maggie!! Emma was cheeta-licious in her outfit from Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy's garage sale. There's more to come. I am sure the other outfits will be in a future blog. We left with a handful of them. Obviously, Bella enjoyed it too!

Finally, here's Matt, Emma, and Aiden with Grandpa Dave's new bee hive! All done and Emma is the expert! She was telling me all about the supers and the frames. Aiden in his usual outfit of NOTHING! I guess he takes after his big sis.

We've got a big week this week. Teacher's day was today. That was good. Tomorrow...

Happy Nurses Day!!!
Since I know that my two favorite nurses will be reading this... Thank you for all that you guys do! We really could not have survived these first four years (or 3o years for that matter) without you! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!

Then of course we have Mother's Day. Hopefully we will have some cute Tea Party pictures to post. And not that I have been trying to get the kids to tell me what I got, but I think I will really like it (since it is "really glass" and has paint on it). 

Thanks for reading!! Love ya!

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