Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

And here are some pictures of our gardening time earlier this week. I was trying to get non-naked pictures of the kids, but if they are outside, the clothes just come right off! (Sorry, dad!)

Here are some random pictures so far this Memorial Day weekend. I am pretty sure that we broke every rule of cemetery etiquette at Alabam, but it seemed like a pretty day to go and Daddy was working on Aunt Brandy's "broken house" so we thought we would visit it. I was trying to not really say anything too "deep" about what a cemetery is, so I just told the kids that we were going to take flowers to some of our family members that lived in Heaven. Emma said that Jesus lived in Heaven and that she wanted to take her flowers to Him. Fine with me... 

Now that looks all pretty and nice, but just so you don't think it was all sweet and perfect, this was after Emma put the flowers down and Aiden moved them. Then she yelled "AIDEN THOSE FLOWERS ARE FOR JEEEESUSSSSS! DON'T TOUCH 'EM AGAIN" (and just so you are thinking it right, let me clarify that it wasn't just a little yell it was one of those where your voice is kind of scratchy because you are yelling so loud). Then after that Aiden proceeded to move every flag that he could find. I was pretty sure we were going to get arrested.

Here were the kids at Silver Dollar City last weekend. It was super fun and the kids both rode Fire in the Hole. They didn't totally hate it so I think Matt and I have successfully raised roller coaster riders. YAY!!

 We have decided to cancel the camping trip due to rain, but as of lunch time, it is looking pretty darn beautiful. I think that I have a thing for clouds! They are so pretty!

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