Friday, May 8, 2009

Great news! Emma has been folding our laundry (and that is exactly how it will go into the closet)! What a helper! 

More great news!! Aiden pooped in the potty!! (Don't worry, I'm not posting a pitcure... and yes, I took one! Horrible, I know!) We haven't even had to break out the potty treats yet, we just jump around and cheer like crazy. Even Emma gets in on the high 5's.

Well, it looks like more rain this morning. I know everyone is sick of it, but honestly, I really love it. It think the clouds are so pretty. I just hate it for Brinkley. She gets so stressed out about it.  

Then, here's one of Aiden's favorite past times. He will ride around until the battery runs out. And if he can find a puddle, he is there! Future mudder, I guess.

Here were the kids on Wednesday afternoon. There was a break in the rain and the kids were excited. They had been dying to play with the "puppy dog splayer" (aka sprinkler). But I guess they were so used to having their umbrellas out that they still thought they needed them. Also, notice right behind Aiden, you can see what is supposed to be in our garden but has been sitting right there for at least 3 weeks. At least they are getting water, I guess!

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