Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

And here are some pictures of our gardening time earlier this week. I was trying to get non-naked pictures of the kids, but if they are outside, the clothes just come right off! (Sorry, dad!)

Here are some random pictures so far this Memorial Day weekend. I am pretty sure that we broke every rule of cemetery etiquette at Alabam, but it seemed like a pretty day to go and Daddy was working on Aunt Brandy's "broken house" so we thought we would visit it. I was trying to not really say anything too "deep" about what a cemetery is, so I just told the kids that we were going to take flowers to some of our family members that lived in Heaven. Emma said that Jesus lived in Heaven and that she wanted to take her flowers to Him. Fine with me... 

Now that looks all pretty and nice, but just so you don't think it was all sweet and perfect, this was after Emma put the flowers down and Aiden moved them. Then she yelled "AIDEN THOSE FLOWERS ARE FOR JEEEESUSSSSS! DON'T TOUCH 'EM AGAIN" (and just so you are thinking it right, let me clarify that it wasn't just a little yell it was one of those where your voice is kind of scratchy because you are yelling so loud). Then after that Aiden proceeded to move every flag that he could find. I was pretty sure we were going to get arrested.

Here were the kids at Silver Dollar City last weekend. It was super fun and the kids both rode Fire in the Hole. They didn't totally hate it so I think Matt and I have successfully raised roller coaster riders. YAY!!

 We have decided to cancel the camping trip due to rain, but as of lunch time, it is looking pretty darn beautiful. I think that I have a thing for clouds! They are so pretty!

Friday, May 15, 2009

son-in-law of the year!

I believe he is in the running for son-in-law of the year. 

(Not to steal any of his glory... but he does have a bee keeping outfit and someone was two feet away taking the pictures... I'm just saying... 
(Just kidding, I was way far away thanks to my awesome telephoto lens!)

Don't worry that bee on his bootie didn't sting him!

Pardon the TERRIBLE videoing. I was getting swarmed a little (not really, I was just worried that I would.) It gets a little better after the first few seconds, then a little worse towards the end (i.e. I wasn't intentionally just filming his bootie! I was watching the bee flying towards me!)
Here is Matt putting the bees into their new home! We are now on day 4 and they are still here and eating the sugar water like crazy!  They love it. It has been such a learning experience for the whole family. We have really all enjoyed it. Fun times!

We love mud puddles!!

We just love mud! You know I said I love the rain... this is why! This was me, Emma and Aiden after playing in the mud in front of our house. Yeah, dad was not too proud that Aiden had blue toe nail polish. Hey, it was only on one toe and it was blue!

This was the puddle at Nanny and Papa's.

Luckily, that is ice cream around his mouth and not mud, but it was just cute so I posted it too. Actually, its frozen yogurt. Oh, how I miss TCBY!! I think I get to go tomorrow!! YAY!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Great news! Emma has been folding our laundry (and that is exactly how it will go into the closet)! What a helper! 

More great news!! Aiden pooped in the potty!! (Don't worry, I'm not posting a pitcure... and yes, I took one! Horrible, I know!) We haven't even had to break out the potty treats yet, we just jump around and cheer like crazy. Even Emma gets in on the high 5's.

Well, it looks like more rain this morning. I know everyone is sick of it, but honestly, I really love it. It think the clouds are so pretty. I just hate it for Brinkley. She gets so stressed out about it.  

Then, here's one of Aiden's favorite past times. He will ride around until the battery runs out. And if he can find a puddle, he is there! Future mudder, I guess.

Here were the kids on Wednesday afternoon. There was a break in the rain and the kids were excited. They had been dying to play with the "puppy dog splayer" (aka sprinkler). But I guess they were so used to having their umbrellas out that they still thought they needed them. Also, notice right behind Aiden, you can see what is supposed to be in our garden but has been sitting right there for at least 3 weeks. At least they are getting water, I guess!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So after about a year and a half of mourning for Nemo and Nemo's Mommy that we got for Emma's 3rd birthday. (By the way, sorry to all of the fish party favor recipients. I am standing by that - even though Emma wants to have a "Fish Birthday" and it would be the perfect favor - I promise I won't do it again!!) Anyway, so we want to introduce Nemo II, Flounder, and Shrimpy. Let's all pray that they live! 

Emma's photography. She took off with my camera the other day and this is what she came back with. I was pretty impressed!

May day!! This tradition was passed on from Nana and hopefully will be passed down forever! Rain and all we were determined to pass out our May baskets. Emma and Aiden really enjoy hiding and getting chased for kisses.

And a big thank you to Maggie!! Emma was cheeta-licious in her outfit from Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy's garage sale. There's more to come. I am sure the other outfits will be in a future blog. We left with a handful of them. Obviously, Bella enjoyed it too!

Finally, here's Matt, Emma, and Aiden with Grandpa Dave's new bee hive! All done and Emma is the expert! She was telling me all about the supers and the frames. Aiden in his usual outfit of NOTHING! I guess he takes after his big sis.

We've got a big week this week. Teacher's day was today. That was good. Tomorrow...

Happy Nurses Day!!!
Since I know that my two favorite nurses will be reading this... Thank you for all that you guys do! We really could not have survived these first four years (or 3o years for that matter) without you! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!

Then of course we have Mother's Day. Hopefully we will have some cute Tea Party pictures to post. And not that I have been trying to get the kids to tell me what I got, but I think I will really like it (since it is "really glass" and has paint on it). 

Thanks for reading!! Love ya!