Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Emma!!

CRAZY Hair, don't care!
The elves and reindeer had to come back for the party!
We walked in (not tardy!) just in time to hear her name on the birthday announcements for the day! So we had to snap a picture of her last Turnbow birthday ribbon.
This girl is all about cooking these days so we had to find just the right place for her party. We had been planning for months and just couldn't figure out how to pull off a full-scale Chopped Birthday Party, but when we called William's Sonoma, they were more than willing to do not-too-kiddie class for our group of sweet tweens (plus two extra sweet teens who always make Emma feel special by coming to her parties!)

Emma wanted a "grace's patisserie" color scheme for the party and it turned out so cute. Thank you to Nana for making the cutest aprons! They really just made the party.

She is not a cake lover so we got petit fours instead and they were delicious! We love Shelby Lynns!
She loved the whole party, but I know she was so excited about the Mock-tails. We have 10 years before the big 2-1 and she says she will NEVER drink that stuff, but this girl can put away some fake wine and mock-tails like nobody's business! And she better have a proper glass, or it might be right out of the bottle! Ha!
They made delicious pasta... 

And spiralized salads.

The homemade ravioli was so good!
How many pictures do I have with these sweet girls blowing out candles together?  
A bunch! Here's the first!
Thank you to Williams Sonoma for making her 11th birthday just perfect!!
Happy, Happy 11th Birthday sweet girl! We are so thankful for your sensitive, caring personality and your willingness to always help. You bring so much colorful art and beautiful music into our life and your sports-loving parents and brother may not appreciate enough, but we are learning and they definitely make us better, more well-rounded people. You basically cook dinner for us every single night and it is so delicious! You are so funny and you appreciate my silly pins and we love to laugh together. We love you so much and wish you many more happy birthdays!   

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amazeum Un-Field trip 5th grade

I never dreamed that the fifth graders would have so much fun at the Amazeum. They were actually really good and I only lost one kid!

They act so big and grown up, but they literally would have played in the this area with the 3 year olds all day long. I loved it!

You can tell her Daddy works for a major food producer because even Emma knew that this is a major cross contamination problem. Ha!

They were making clouds in their hands! We had a great field trip!
And this is random and Udi's was great about providing a coupon for a replacement, but this is one thing that sucks about gluten free bread.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Random 2015

I made the prettiest grilled cheese ever!! 
OMG, Emma did her nails on our new rug and spilled the whole bottle!! But after consulting Pinterest, we got it out with alcohol. 
Emma and I decided that we were bad luck when we actually watched  Football games on tv. So we got a pedicure instead. And listened to it on the phone! Good times! 
FYI, we may not drink at Sunday dinner but these kids can DOWN some fake wine!! They are addicted!! 
Sis looking super cute at the oil change place.
Nana got Aiden court side seats for a Razorback game and he and Grandpa loved it!
We ran into some cute cousins at the game too!
Oh my goodness, our sweet school nurse and her husband MADE this adorable snowman for us! How special is that!! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Emma's UACC Concert with Jim Brickman

UACC had the honor of being invited to sing in the Jim Brickman Christmas concert at the Walton Arts Center. It has to be one of our favorite concerts yet! Very entertaining!
Great job sister!!
We decided to eat at Tim's on the square so we could see the Lights of the Ozarks too. This boy was a tiny bit excited because our quaterback, Brandon Allen, was eating at the next table!
We had to get a picture! 
Eeek! This is our only picture from the Lights of the Ozarks this year! And it was RAINING!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Aiden's 3rd Grade Program: An Old Fashioned Christmas!

Aiden was a town's person... a business man drinking coffee. 
He did so good! ;) 
Everything's fine and dandy...
Until you have to evacuate the school because the hot dog cooker started smoking like a freight train! 

June and July (Ha... the PTA moms decided that we could have a Fireman's Calendar).
We got the all clear!
And it was back to the show! Mrs. Reeves was Emma's 4th grade teacher and has moved down to 3rd this year. She is an AMAZING singer!! It was beautiful!
You always hear that you can't talk about God in public schools, but I am so thankful that I haven't experienced that in our school. Once again, Mrs. Trevino included the true meaning of Christmas.   
Aiden and his best buddies... Blake and Brett. I can tell the difference!
Aiden and Coach Santa!
Brett and Blake with their number 1 fan, their precious nephew!