Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kansas City!

We are headed home from a fun weekend trip to KC! 

Before we left, we saw that @ballerfoodtruck was going to be at Euna Mae's! Locating them has been on our summer backer list!! It sooooo did NOT disappoint! It was right at the top of this list of the best food ever! The Banana  Nutella balls were a seriously straight from Heaven!! Emma said the Bacon Balls were really good too! 

 We made it in time for some Isabelle crafts and a scavenger hunt before the Isabelle Movie Premier. 
It was such a neat event! It was at the AMC in Olathe (seriously had some uneasy feelings about this town after doing a paper on In Cold Blood!) but the theatre was so cool... It had a restaurant part and the drink machine with 100's of options!

 They had crafts to work on while we waited. 

 And even a red carpet! 
Emma and Isabelle were ready for the movie. Instead, we got to watch the Isabelle Dance Jam about 6 times first! Then it finally started and we all really liked it! 

 Afterwards, we went to dinner and there was Whole Foods right next store so we went and there was lots of gluten free! I can't wait until it opens in Fayetteville! 
 Saturday morning, we stopped at this Gluten Free bakery. We are going to try their graham crackers for s'mores. :) I ate Aiden's chocolate donut and commented that it tasted like a Ding Dong and Emma just about died. She's apparently, never heard of the delectable dessert food! 
 Next up... Sky Zone trampoline park! The kids (especially Aiden) loved it!! 

 This boy dominated dodge ball! He won! 

 Now we're headed home! :) 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh, basball...

Oh... goodness... I have had a love/hate relationship with baseball this year. I really love the sport and I love our team. Aiden has made such good friends this past season. He even has really learned to respect the sport and really looks up to the older boys who work so hard and do a great job. I love that Aiden gives 150% each and every time he's on the field or in the batting cage and I love that he NEVER, EVER lets T1D slow him down. I love all of that... I wasn't so fond of the secret baseball underworld that you have to navigate in order to take it to the next level. I don't like that I didn't figure it out in time to get him to that level. And I don't like that now he is at home throwing his ball on the roof instead of getting these 2 extra months of practice that some of the other kids are. But now we know and we will do everything we can so that our sweet boy can play all the baseball that he wants! 
 He really has improved so, so much!
 Especially in the field!
Looks how cute he was a few years ago! (Spring 2011) He wouldn't wear his hat and you can't see it, but Matt is standing on the field right by him. I'd call that an improvement. :)

 See? Beautiful clouds and weather!
 Serious talks...
 And team pride, even after a (rare) loss.
 We've had lots of great visitors too!
 And lots of fun after games too!
These girls have grown up!! (again, 2011)
 And of course, Carter! 
Sibling support (sometimes!)

 Lots of fun parties! 

 And trophies with good friends!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our BUSY Day!

First, we got to go to Ella B.'s birthday party. The big shocker was that Emma climbed the wall and Aiden wouldn't. No big deal, it just surprised me. 
 He did, however, beat the heck out of the pinata! 
 YAY! Candy!
 Later that day, we got to go to MaKayla's 16th birthday party! Papa was causing some mischief. I know... Unbelievable!  
 MaKayla and her friends (and Emma and Aiden) went to see Blended, which is hilarious! Matt and I had seen it so we went to the worst. movie. ever. Some Tom Cruise movie that was basically like robot Groundhog Day, except not good, or funny. At. All. 
 Then... after that... we headed to Veteran's Park for a Michels family get together. My Mom's cousin, Sandy, was in town from South Dakota so we gathered with those who could make it. I didn't get pictures of the younger cousins, but they had lots of fun together! 
 Emma and Chloe were happy to pose before we left though!