Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kiwanis Kids Day Football 2016

Aiden had an awesome season of Kiwanis Kids Day Football!! They made it to the championship game and played against his baseball buddy, Mason! Mason's team won, but it was really fun to watch! 

Touchdown!! Look how little he was! 

All the PT Schmidt boys. 

And the Sonics boys...

59 yard touchdown, Aiden Evans! 

Huddled up.
Flashback of my future bulldog! 
And the cutest football sisters ever! 

First Day of School 2016

The kiddos had a great first day and were excited to go back today!! Aiden informed me that their classroom has the BEST water fountain in the school, so that's awesome and Emma loved all of her teachers and getting a locker (even though she can't open it! ha!) 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July 2016

On the way to St. Charles for a fun Fourth of July weekend!
This lady came out of nowhere and crossed in front of us, hit the center median, bumped us and then spun out of control behind us and went down the ditch on the other side of the road. This happened all around us in a matter of seconds and Matt miraculously dodged her multiple times and kept us from being hurt at all. He is our hero!

Whew, we had to stress relieve a little at "the big Dicks"
So we celebrated with Cotton Candy lemonade!
We love Fitz's!
And happy hour!!
Ha! Hey, guys! Smile! HAHAHA! Thanks Matt!
That's better! Except Aiden... Dude, really?
Happy 4th of July!

No smiles from Aiden today!
Blech... Trump. Matt was excited!
Historical society float. Emma loved it!
Worst. Job. Ever.
But overall, a really fun weekend in STL.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Emma!!

CRAZY Hair, don't care!
The elves and reindeer had to come back for the party!
We walked in (not tardy!) just in time to hear her name on the birthday announcements for the day! So we had to snap a picture of her last Turnbow birthday ribbon.
This girl is all about cooking these days so we had to find just the right place for her party. We had been planning for months and just couldn't figure out how to pull off a full-scale Chopped Birthday Party, but when we called William's Sonoma, they were more than willing to do not-too-kiddie class for our group of sweet tweens (plus two extra sweet teens who always make Emma feel special by coming to her parties!)

Emma wanted a "grace's patisserie" color scheme for the party and it turned out so cute. Thank you to Nana for making the cutest aprons! They really just made the party.

She is not a cake lover so we got petit fours instead and they were delicious! We love Shelby Lynns!
She loved the whole party, but I know she was so excited about the Mock-tails. We have 10 years before the big 2-1 and she says she will NEVER drink that stuff, but this girl can put away some fake wine and mock-tails like nobody's business! And she better have a proper glass, or it might be right out of the bottle! Ha!
They made delicious pasta... 

And spiralized salads.

The homemade ravioli was so good!
How many pictures do I have with these sweet girls blowing out candles together?  
A bunch! Here's the first!
Thank you to Williams Sonoma for making her 11th birthday just perfect!!
Happy, Happy 11th Birthday sweet girl! We are so thankful for your sensitive, caring personality and your willingness to always help. You bring so much colorful art and beautiful music into our life and your sports-loving parents and brother may not appreciate enough, but we are learning and they definitely make us better, more well-rounded people. You basically cook dinner for us every single night and it is so delicious! You are so funny and you appreciate my silly pins and we love to laugh together. We love you so much and wish you many more happy birthdays!