Thursday, June 4, 2015

Go Grasshoppers!

These Grasshoppers had a fun, exciting and UNDEFEATED season!! They were super excited for the championship game!
 Gooooo Grasshoppers!

 They WON! And they got to get a trophy for winning the City Championship and the regular season!

 These boys are excited to represent Springdale in a few tournaments coming up.
The last time Aiden will  be a Grasshopper!! So he got good and dirty!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Last Day of School 2015

Well, this year FLEW by! They always said that once your kiddos get into school, time passes even more quickly. And it does!! I am super proud of these kiddos. They both did a great job and had excellent comments from their sweet teachers! We will miss their teachers and interns so much!

Mrs. Kirk sent me this picture of a FREEZING boy during field day! 

They were so glad to come in and get dry clothes on. They were excited for lunch too!
Luckily, it warmed up for the older kids field day. 
This was right before they got SOAKED!

Sad, bare hallways, 

This sweet momma sandpiper. She has protected her eggs for a long time! We want to go check on them during the summer. 
We will miss you, Mrs. Kirk!! She has been such a great teacher to both kiddos and has really jump started their love for math!
We were ready to PARTY after school!! 

We had a FULL POOL!

All of these kiddos were soooooo sad to say goodbye to Mrs. McKenzie! They all have their fingers crossed that she gets a job at Turnbow!
We are ready for a FUN summer break!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back to the 80's

We always say that the last show that we see of Mrs. Trevino's is the best one that we have seen so far! We this one really was the very BEST one so far!! It was the 80s and they went ALL OUT!! 

 Caraline sang Beat It and she absolutely KILLED IT! It was amazing!! 

 We loved Bella singing Hey Mickey too! 

 Emma really got into it. She loved watching her favorite interns perform Thriller! 
 Mrs. McKenzie has been a favorite this year! 

Plus it was St. Patrick's Day.. and I snagged some of Mrs. Pennington's YUMMY cookies!!